Healthcare Bakery Foods

Welcome... to the world of BROTHER'SS BAKERY as a brand of healthcare foods purports to realize the ultimate objective of satiating one's taste buds, while taking care of health needs simultaneousy... Brother'ss Bakery offers a variety of tasty bakery foods, natural ice-creams, uncooked snacks, natural juices, flavoured buttermilk,food mixes, jams etc. A very special range in Brother'ss Bakery offers all this without additional cane sugar too!!!

True to its name Brother's Bakery seeks to supply products that are fresh and Healthy, free from added or artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives!!!


  • to bring adout a change in the lives of health, calorie and sugar watchers.
  • to provide nutritive yet light foods as snacks.
  • to cater to the different needs and requirements of people by creating varieties, variations and options in the ingredients used in our foods.

  • to develop a special range that will be dedicated specially to sugar watchers and to provide easy kits and mini meals that can also be carried as home packs.
  • to supply specially prepared sugar watcher snack kits on board flights during travel where people find no option if they are watching out for sugar content in foods.
  • to bring out natural health drinks without refined cane sugar as an option for aerted and heavily sweetened drinks.
  • to create awareness that ice creams, jams, breads, buns,cookies, cakes etc., can be made specially without refined cane sugar and yet be tasty.
  • to increas awareness adout natural, uncooked snacks that retain their high nutritive value, as short eats.
  • to provide healthy, tasty and natural drinks like flavoured buttermilk, fruit shakes etc., as good options for a drink.
  • to bring out a tasty range of ice creams free of refined cane sugar and artificial sweeteners..
  • to keep all our foods at Brother'ss Bakery free from aspartame, chemicals or artificial sweeteners.


Breads, Buns & Rusks:

Our breads buns and rusks are 100% vegeterian.

Bread froms a vital aspect of one's diet intake. Realizing the potential of cereal and fibers, Brother'ss Bakery provides wholesome and highly nutritive variants of breads, namely Ragi, wholewheat, and a unique flavour-Banana Bread.

Garlic Rusks, Masala Rusks, Fiber Rusks and Milk Rusks are also offered by us, a healthy snack for all times.

Pastries, Tarts,Dry Cakes:

Exquisite cakes, pastries are catered for your palettes to experience. A 'Natural sweetener' cake for sugarwatchers and an 'Eggless cake' for caloriewatchers, make sure that no one goes deprived. Tarts and Dry cakes add lusture to the already tempting array of desserts.


Looking for a quick snack that is sugar-free and low in calories or just tasty and filling? Brother'ss Bakery cookies are just the thing for you. With a diverse range of variants to choose from, Brother'ss Bakery cookies are your best bet for a wholesome snacks, without a compromise on taste. All cookies, except the chocochip variety, are 100% vegeterian.

Products available with us in the Green Range:
  • Cookies - Ajewine, Jeera, Sesame, Ragi, Cereal, Salt, Peanut, Bengal Gram
  • Breads - Wholewheat Bread, Ragi Bread
  • Buns - Wholewheat Bun
  • Rusks - Garlic Rusk, Fiber Rusk
  • Puffs - Spinach Puffs, Cabbage Puff
  • Pastries - Natural Sweetener Cake
...and much more to come!!!
Products available with us in the Yellow Range:
  • Cookies - Plain, Ghee, Custard, Almond, Pista, Ginger, Cashew, Butter Cheese
  • Breads - Banana Bread, Sweet N Salt Bread, Sandwich Bread
  • Buns - Sweet Bun, Stuffed Bun
  • Rusks - Milk Rusk, Masala Rusk
  • Puffs - Vegetadle Puff
  • Pastries - Eggless Cake
...and much more to come!!!
Products available with us in the Orange Range:
  • Pastries - Black Forest, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Truffle, Pineapple, Vanilla, Strawberry, Noughat, Cheesecakes
  • Dry Cake - Apple, Chocolate, Ginger & Honey, Chocolate Walnut Fruit, Sponge, Cherry, Fruit & Nut, Marble, Dates & Walnut
  • Tarts - Apple, Lemon, Nutty Cherry, Mississippi Mudpie
  • Cookies - Chocochip
  • Chocolates -Almond Rock, Cashew Rock
...and much more to come!!!